Monday, November 21, 2016

New dog

A couple of days ago, we got a new dog. He is a German Shorthair named Ruger (it seems like names of guns are common german shorthair names). He is very energetic and can play fetch for HOURS! So far, everyone in my family has gotten sore arms from throwing a toy for him for such a long period of time. Then (he already has enough energy), my dad buys somed dog food, but grabs the wrong bag and doesn't realize it til we get home. It turns out my dad had bought hi-energy dog food. As if he doesn't have enough energy already... We have started to train him to be a good hunting dog. That is the main reason we bought him in the first place, s far it's looking pretty hopeful.

Snow day!

Friday morning at 6:30 I found out we didn't have school that day. I was literally grateful because it is always nice to have a 3-day weekend. I like when it snows a lot because we can sled down our big crick hill. When it snows a lot, our dad plows our yard into a bunch of piles. My brothers and I stand on the piles and our dad buries us in snow with the bobcat. Sometimes one of us slides down the pile and when our dad dumps the snow, we get buried all the way up to our necks. Another thing I like to do is... Walk on the ice from our crick. It is fun when the ice is cracking, and we don't know weather it will or won't hold our weight.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Riding dirtbike

One of the things I love to do is ride my dirtbike. I love the feeling of speeding down my driveway. My driveway is 3/4 mile and it is very fun to drive down full speed. I love going to our gravel pit... it is basically a bunch of gravel and you can drive around in it and jump small/big jumps in it. I like to hit the jumps and fly into the air. The only thing I don't like is when I flew through our fence (used to keep our horses in) and cut my lip. I had to get 5 stitches in my top lip. I really like the feeling of going really fast and I love to do cookies and jump jumps. Riding dirtbike isn't as hard as most people think it is. I've taught people younger than me to drive my dirtbike in less than 30 minutes. The key factor in dirtbike is balance, just like riding a normal bike. It is the same, but you have more weight and a dirtbike is usually much faster. Once you get used to balancing on it, you just have to get used to shifting and going faster. It is riding a bike with a motor and you do not have to work hard to pedal it. I think more people should learn to ride dirtbikes.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Top 3 favorite (electronic) games *Last update:Friday, January 20, 2017

I wouldn't call myself a major gamer or anything... I like the outdoors and camping and things like that. I would have to say that my top favorite game I've ever played is probably Rainbow Six Siege (Xbox 1). It is a shooting game where you have to do things like disable/defend a bomb, or protect/defend a hostage. You can do things like put up barricades (defending team) and the attacking team uses small drones with cameras that you drive through or around a building to a bomb or hostage (attacking team), then you have to save the hostage or secure/disable a bomb.

My second favorite game is probably gta 5 (Xbox 1). It is very fun, in some parts it can be pretty inappropriate, but basically you do missions and make money. You can buy cars or steal them right off the road. If you die, it says wasted in the middle of the screen and you re-spawn at a hospital and loose up to $5,000 depending how much money you have. You can drive airplanes and helicopters, drive fast sports cars, or you can buy guns at the gun shop. You can also play online with a bunch of other people.

My third favorite game to play is 7 days to die (Xbox 1). This game is pretty much like a realistic version of minecraft. You can make houses and defend from zombies. After every 7 days, a big wave of zombies comes to you. After every 7 days, the waves get bigger and bigger. You can play in creative or survival and you can upgrade your base's walls and stuff using buckets of concrete and scrap iron. If you decide to adventure, you can loot houses and if you get lucky enough to find a farm, you will pretty much never starve.

Thank you for reading my top 3 games post!

Friday, September 9, 2016


Hi. I am Jacob. This blog is about my personal life and what I like to do. A few of my favorite things to do are... Ride dirtbike, ride horse, camp at state parks, and play video games (xbox 1 (with kinect), ps3, kindle fire HD, and iphone).
Image result for blue 90 cc yamaha dirtbike A picture that looks just like the dirtbike I own now (I Got the picture off of google), the only problem with this picture is that this is WAY CLEANER than my dirtbike it! I am never able to keep my dirtbike clean of mud!

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